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Projects we support

(NOTE: Not to be treated as an investment recommendation. Incrypt is not a registered investment advisor and cannot comment on market or investment risks associated with these or any other projects. We believe the vast majority of crypto / token sale projects currently in the market are of extremely questionable quality and should be avoided. We fully support sensible regulation of cryptocurrencies and coin offerings.)


ocean logo.png

Building the world’s largest AI data marketplace


Backed by :

Coinlist, DCG, Outlier, Fabric Ventures


AI-powered blockchain for complex problem solving, from the team behind Deep Mind.

Backed by :

Outlier Ventures


A global neobank that grows your idle money faster


Backed by :

Sequoia Surge, Polychain, Dragonfly, Consensys


Democratize algo trading for everyone


Backed by :

Y Combinator


One of the biggest disruptions to the currently broken digital media and advertising ecosystem


Backed by :

Pantera Capital, Founders Fund, Foundation Capital, Digital Currency Group


The world's first hedge fund run by a decentralized network of data scientists

Backed by :

First Round, Union Square, Polychain, Placeholder, Paradigm


The next evolution of drug development

Backed by :

Lunar Ventures, Inflection VC​, Signature Ventures

sovrin logo.png

Self-sovereign identity is the future, and Sovrin is the world's largest SSI project


Backed by :

Outlier Ventures, Barclays, Binance, Medici Ventures and industry stewards including Cisco, IBM, Workday, Deutsche Telekom, etc.

spring works.png

Bringing cutting edge tech to HR, starting with background checks


Backed by :

Science, Bloomberg Beta, Gil Penchina, Wavemaker

param logo 1.png

Making real-world commerce more seamless via a blockchain


Backed by :

Recently launched. Advisors include Phil Windley (Sovrin Foundation), Jaspreet Bindra (ex. Mahindra Group), Sunil Rao (ex Lightspeed), Richard Kim (Chain Partners) and Ralf Kubli (Crypto Valley - Switzerland)


Next-gen blockchain design from the legendary David Chaum


Backed by :

Hanhwa Group, Chris Larsen (Ripple founder)


Software for a user owned internet. Blockstack apps give users direct ownership of their internet assets and protect user privacy.

Backed by :

Frontier ventures, Hashkey capital, USV, SV angel, Naval Ravikant


Digital advertising on blockchain


Backed by :



Persistence bridges decentralized finance and traditional finance by facilitating borrowing of cryptoassets using real-world assets as collateral.

Backed by :

Arrington Capital, Alameda Research, LuneX (part of Golden Gate Ventures)


Enabling permanent storage of documents and applications through a decentralized permaweb

Backed by :

a16z, Coinbase Ventures, USV, 1kx, Multicoin Capital, Techstars


xokind logo.jpeg

One of the world's best deep learning teams, solving travel planning and booking in a unified place


Backed by :

Section 32, Adam D’Angelo (founder of Quora), Amir Khosrowshahi

mauna ai .png

Building better tools and infrastructure for human‐like conversational interfaces


Backed by :

Currently in stealth mode


Leading global platform for secondary transactions in privately held equity

Backed by :

Kenetic, Lun, Clearvision

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