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Incrypt has played a key role in elevating the policy discussions around blockchain policy and crypto regulation, especially in India.

Since early 2018, our efforts have included: 

  • Public consultations to engage a 400+ developer community

  • Publishing of a comprehensive report with recommendations

  • Facilitating dialogue between the tech community and nat'l policymakers, regulators like the RBI and SEBI, and state administrators

  • Inputs for India's national blockchain policy published by NITI Aayog, the government's official think tank

  • Collaboration with leaders in progressive ecosystems globally, including being invited as part of an official delegation to Switzerland

  • Regular engagement with numerous mainstream media outlets


The Incrypt Policy Report

Blockchain is truly a paradigm shift in the way we think about technology platforms, organisations and systems.


Blockchain may also be biggest technology opportunity for India since the dawn of the IT services industry.


What nuanced and enabling regulations are necessary for India to bring jobs and capital to this space?

How can public blockchains solve many of India’s pressing problems?

Can the “blockchain good, crypto bad” ideology work?


The set of opportunities calls for a fierce sense of urgency. In 2018, we spent 6-7 months diving into this issue, surveying and spoken to many of India’s blockchain developers and looking at how core protocol development activity and blockchain entrepreneurship would get affected by regulations.


We are glad our efforts helped shine light on these issues of critical importance to India. Our special thanks to Tanvi Ratna for her valuable policy counsel throughout 2018. 


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