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A network of blockchain practitioners, founders and investors focused on imagining and creating a decentralized future.

A New Era: The Internet of Value

Decentralized platforms. Decentralized money. Decentralized innovation. 

Cryptography, code and digital assets are challenging our conventional notions of everything from technology and money, to law and institutions.



Goal #1: We Invest and Help Build Startups 

We spot the world's most promising early-stage startups in blockchain, by leveraging a vast global network. With a focus on fundamentals, technical research and an interdisciplinary understanding. 


We work hard for founders we back, helping them rapidly scale to the next stage. As a distributed group, we are able to open doors globally.

We follow a thematic approach currently focused on:

  • Infra, scalability, usability layers

  • Breaking "Big Tech" monopolies with breakthroughs in digital identity, data sovereignty and privacy

  • Digital assets democratizing investing, trading and ownership

  • Convergence: New data economies at the powerful intersections of AI, IoT and blockchain


Selectively, we back a few high-quality startups outside blockchain as well

Goal #2: We Help Build an Ecosystem


We have extensively engaged with policymakers and regulators, providing substantive inputs towards a more nuanced understanding of public blockchains and digital assets. 


We have helped build bridges between India and other tech ecosystems, and created educational avenues for a 400+ blockchain developer community.

Our startups, and our efforts, are regularly covered by the media.

Incrypt policy paper and a proposed regulatory framework for blockchain and cryptocurrency in India 


Nitin Sharma

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Joel John

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Sumukh Shetty

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Cathy Guo

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Shashi Menon

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Krishna Sriram

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