We help build startups.

And we help build an ecosystem.

To bring together great minds in the new world of blockchain,

imagining and creating a decentralized future.

A Whole New World


Decentralized platforms. Decentralized money. Decentralized funding of innovation. 

Cryptography and code are challenging our notions of money, law and institutions. 

And for the first time, the average person can participate in this value creation. 

Through liquid, digital assets often linked to disruptive projects at early stages, and at a global scale.

Incrypt started as a curated network of blockchain practitioners and enthusiasts standing for a deeper understanding of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs. By focusing on fundamentals, and cutting through the noise and hype. 


We Invest and Help Build Startups. 

Besides analyzing a wide array of liquid, digital assets, we are leveraging our global network to spot seed-stage protocol and blockchain infra investment opportunities, and helping entrepreneurs / developers get to the next stage. 


We are also studying challenges around usability and scalability of current blockchain infrastructure and tools, and tinkering with ideas to solve them.

We Help Build an Ecosystem. 


Through high-quality discussions and insightful content, we are nurturing a vibrant 400+ blockchain developer community in India to begin with, and are building bridges to the strongest blockchain ecosystems globally.

We also engage with policymakers regularly to shine light on how blockchain technology can transform society, and to promote more nuanced regulation. 






Incrypt releases its policy paper and a proposed regulatory framework for blockchain and cryptocurrency in India 


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